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Nederlands Film Festival NFF

As a part of the the Nederlands Film Festival NFF (dutch film festival), a festival pavilion is being created in the center of Utrecht, where visitors can see concerts, interviews, movie schedules an so on. Thomas Kopperschläger was asked to make short animation-bumpers matching the atmosphere of the pavilion.


Museum Coevorden

With the opening of the Stedelijk Museum in Coevorden, Thomas Kopperschlaeger was asked to make an animation that depicts the history of the city, spanning from the its founding, over various invasions and plagues to how Coevorden can be found today. The animation is videomapped on a 5 x 5 meter model of the town.


MuZIEum Nijmegen | Video installation

The MuZIEum is a 'museum for the seeing and the visually impaired' in Nijmegen. For the exhibition room Thomas Kopperschlaeger designed a 30 minute video-installation. In this installation five blind people speak about their what its like to have to raise kids, work, travel, having a visual impairment.


MuZIEum Nijmegen | Interactive information display

The MuZIEum is a 'museum for the seeing and the visually impaired' in Nijmegen. For the exhibition Thomas Kopperschlaeger was asked to design 5 interactive information displays. Each of the displays deals with one of the five senses seeing, feeling, touching, hearing, tasting and smelling. Besides informing the visitor about the historical development of assistive technologies for people with impaired senses, each units offers a personal-story about what its like to live without one of these senses.


MuZIEum Nijmegen | Animation

The MuZIEum is a 'museum for the seeing and the visually impaired' in Nijmegen. In one part of the museum the visitor experiences what daily life is like being visually impaired. Because the experience takes place in total darkness Thomas Kopperschlaeger was asked to produce an information film giving the participants useful tips beforehand for instance on how to move the walking cane or what cloth to wear.


Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven

In 2009 the Silvermuseum Schoonhoven acquired a collection of 520 pieces of the famous manufacturers Van Kempen & Begeer. This collection covered utensils including dinner sets, bowls, toast-racks, cake slices and many other curious objects of the from 1835 to 1970.
This year the cultural television program 'Hollandse Nieuwe' from the broadcaster AVRO nominated the collection as one of the top 5 acquisitions from a museum. Therefor a special exhibition is being held in Schoonhoven to present the collection to the public.
Thomas Kopperschlaeger was asked to produce an animation giving insights in this vast collection and the importance of the acquisition. The animation is being projected on a custom made table that is made up from different cupboards.


Het Grachtenhuis

With the 'Amsterdamse Grachten' being listed as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2010 the museum 'Het Grachtenhuis' was being established in 2011. Thomas Kopperschläger was asked to make an animation, which is situated in the 17th century Amsterdam. It depicts a fictional gathering of the major, the city-architect, the financier and the defense specialist who where planning the cities future infrastructure on pieces of tracing paper. The animation shows the logistical problems the city had to cope with, but also the shows the advances being made, which resulted in the ‘Amsterdamse Grachten’ as they are known to the present.



Being built between 1449 and 1525 the Laurenskerk (Sint Laurens Church) is the oldest building, which is still present in todays Rotterdams architecture. Since 2010 it was decided to also use the church as a permanent exhibition place, treasuring one part of the collective memory of Rotterdam, where each chapel of the church tells a different ‘story’ of the history of Rotterdam. Thomas Kopperschläger was asked to create a interactive installation about the history of Rotterdam’s infrastructure with the church of Sint Laurens as the visual centerpoint. Spanning from the 17th century to the present time, the viewer can experience the expansion of the city in form of dynamic map as well as experiencing each decade/century through several pictures and drawings bundling individual visual expressions of the city to a collective view.


Nieuwe Groeten Uit... 2010

In 2009 the National Historic Museum, FOAM and the ANP started a photo project where the dutch society was asked to photograph their view of their country. This resulted in 8000 personal views, showing a broad variety of pictures from classical windmills, modern architecture to intimate potraits and political statements. In 2010 Thomas Kopperschläger was asked to create an interactive installation with the collection of these images. In collaboration with Vandejong this resulted in a temporary exhibition in Arnhem as well as an internet variant. The interactive installation allowed the visitor to post their view of the Netherlands Anno 2010 in form of a picture postcard. With multiple choice questions the pool of 8000 images was narrowed down to match the topics on the photos to the answers of the visitor. With the residual selection of pictures the user could design his own postcard and add it to the archive of the website.

visit the website: www.nieuwegroetenuit.nl

in collaboration with Ralf Brandenstein


Onder Anderen

Onder Anderen is an art-project in public space developed by the bureau Huijbers en Agelink. For this project Germa Huijbers and Carolina Agelink went from door to door in a district in Delft to collect images, drawings, objects that where dear to the people living there. This collection resulted in an archive of 1800 documents.Being asked to make this archive accessible for the public, we made a website along with 30 street signs that contain chosen photographs. Each streetsign is numbered and refers to the website and one specific topic such as adulthood, friends, the community, school, vacation etc.
In the website the archive reveals itself by the topics that are chosen. The visitor can choose between a geographical approach, where the documents and photos are placed on a map, or the chronological approach where the archived can be viewed in order of decades.

Dutch Design Awards Winner: best website 2009

visit the website: www.onder-anderen.nl

in collaboration with Richard Vijgen



WATT Rotterdam is the first sustainable dance club in the world.
being asked to design a VJ-show we developed a realtime environmental systems monitor measuring the activities of the club, including the super efficient climate control systems, the "grey water" circuits, WATT is able to cut down 30% on energy, 50% on water, 50% on waste and 30% on CO2 emissions.
The developed systems monitor measures these data, and converts them a CNN like bizbar constantly showing the clubs temperature, water usage and energy being used. Besides that the data is used to generate a vj-show that is triggered by the overall activity in the danceclub, showing relatively slow clip when the club is empty, and fast energetic clips when its crowded.

Gold Award winner in the 2009 European Design Awards

in collaboration with: Ralf Brandenstein | Richard Vijgen



The immersive media centre of Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) was built to accelerate the decision making process of its deployers. Being asked to design a series of films and applications for the media centre of Rijkswaterstaat, we developed 4 audiovisual projects and 6 interactive applications. The produced works contained a traffic control center with different endings, a multilayered ever changing map of the Netherlands showing the complexity of Rijkswaterstaats' workfield to name a few. With a wireless handheld the facilitators of the gathering is able to control the audiovisual content and customize the applications.

Silver Award winner in the 2009 European Design Awards

Dutch Design Awards Winner: best interaction design 2009

in collaboration with: Ralf Brandenstein | Richard Vijgen

interior design: Kossmann.deJong


Arnhemse Nieuwe 2008


Arnhemse Nieuwe is an annual exhibition of the organization OPA (Ontwerp Platvorm Arnhem) presenting work of 9 graduates of different disciplines such as graphic design, fashion, architecture and product design from the Art Academy of Arnhem. For the Arnhemse Nieuwe edition in 2008 we produced motion graphics containing a videoloop and animated leaders for each graduate.

in collaboration with: Richard Vijgen


Amsterdams Historisch Museum

Interactive installation

With the redesign of the entrance hall in 2006 we where asked design interactive information displays. The entrance hall and shown collection designed by Kossmann.de Jong was virtually rebuild by us, enabling the visitor to choose between different clusters of the exhibition. Having chosen one object of the cluster, the visitor was to read about the history and meaning of the specific object.

in collaboration with: Richard Vijgen

exhibition design: Kossmann.deJong



Arhemse Nieuwe 2007

exhibition design | interactive installation

Arnhemse Nieuwe 2007 is an annual exhibition of the organization OPA (Ontwerp Platvorm Arnhem) presenting work of 9 alumni of different disciplines such as graphic design, fashion, architecture and product design from the Art Academy of Arnhem. We where asked to design the exhibition without being able to exhibit de artwork of the students itself. Ever since the exhibition was held in a cafe we decided to present it in two different forms. The work of the students was presented in form of massively scaled out business cards, containing their work and a mobile number. Also the visitors of the cafe where given the business cards in real size. Dialing these numbers one could "tap" into a conversation with the designer and hear him talk about his exhibited work.

in collaboration with: Richard Vijgen


Joods Historisch Museum

Interactive installation

With the opening of an new exhibition hall of the Joods Historisch Museum in 2007, we where asked to design the interactive aspects of the hall in form of touchpanels.
The exhibition focusses on the 20th century of the life of the jewish community in the Netherlands.
We created 14 interactive touch creens that covered different aspects of the jewish history. These screens reviewed the topics with film fragments,fotos and interviews, and a reference object that is physically placed next to the screen.
6 other touchscreens where implemented in the exhibition space itself. Virtually representing all items of the collection, the viewer can touch the object on the screen to read the story of the exhibit.

in collaboration with: Richard Vijgen

exhibition design: Kossmann.deJong


Amsterdams Historisch Museum


With the redesign of the entrance hall of the Amsterdams Historisch Museum in 2006 we where asked to make an animation that gave a "sneak preview" of the art that the visitor of the museum was about to see. Having a collection of Fine Art and exposés spanning over decennia, we made an animation that "flies" through the different eras of art and history mixing and converging the different pieces together in one story.

in collaboration with: Richard Vijgen

exhibition design: Kossmann.deJong


Blue Sky Forever


Jan Spit "Blue Sky Forever" is an interactive biography that covers over 5 decades of his work. The CD-ROM was divided into three different surfaces. The viewer is able to switch trough these layers containing textual biographical information, stacked work containing paintings, spacial and digital installations, documentaries and video art. The bottom surface also shows hundreds of sketches and inspirational material of the artist.

in collaboration with: Richard Vijgen




Pixel is a quarterly minimal techno event in Club 11 in Amsterdam. With the collective Deadpixelsociety, we where asked to make custom visual liveshows, working with 12 screens and apparel that was specially created by us for certain events.

in collaboration with: Ralf Brandenstein | Richard Vijgen


ArtEZ Academy Arnhem


Artez Academy Arnhem is the portal site of the branch of ArtEZ.
Due to the complicated structure of the given CMS and the complexity of information about the academy, we decided to present everything in one structure, on one page in order to present content in a clear manner only dividing the topics with 8 scrollbars. The visual aspect of the website is derived from the academy building itself, having prominent sunshades on all windows, we transferred these into columns that can be "opened/scrolled" by the scrollbars revealing information about the academy.

in collaboration with: Richard Vijgen


READ ME ! LOOK AT ME ! het vervolg


READ ME ! LOOK AT ME ! was an exhibition of books made from students of the art academy ArtEZ in Arnhem. The work shown on the exhibition was a collection of all different disciplines of the academy;
Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion, Fine Art and Education in Art.
With the ending of the exhibition, we where asked to produce an interactive variant on the exhibition in order to show even more in depth how the different students work with the medium book.
We made a CD ROM, that contained over 80 books being made by the students form different discipline, furthermore we decided to interview 14 students, letting them tell their idea of a book and the concept of their designs.

in collaboration with: Sven Motte | Ralf Brandenstein


Sharon Geschiere

Website | visual identity

Sharon Geschiere is a dutch product and interior designer. For her first collection, "KOOK", i was asked to design a website. The collection consists of different kitchen utensils, such as a chipboard and knife, fruitdish, pepper and saltmill, a whisk and a corkscrew.

in collaboration with Ralf Brandstein


Lowlands Television

Motion grafics | DVD

Lowlands Television is a live broadcast specially made for the 40.000 visitors of the festival Lowlands.
During the festival with is spread over 3 days a group of 20 people being asked from the video collective CAPTAIN VIDEO produces short movies, animations and documentations from the festival area, in short like a real broadcast station, that is set up specially for this event.
Amongst the activities on the spot, i was also asked to design some of the annual Lowlands Television DVDs.

in collaboration with CAPTAIN VIDEO | Richard Vijgen


Die Schizophrenie der Wahrnehmung

self initiated | book

Die Schizophrenie der Wahrnehmung is a self initiated project in form of a book researching the convergence of individual and collective perception. Being triggered by the idea that sometimes one knows more about things that are physically far away brought to us via internet and television, rather than knowing for instance what our neighbor does, though he lives right next to us.
The book itself, containing the research in form of pictures, maps and texts compiles its own collective memory getting more complex and densed with every pageturn.


Proper Propaganda

visual identity | website & flyers | live performance

Proper Propaganda is an event agency that organizes minimal techno events and parties in the Netherlands. Being asked to design their visual identity, the name Proper Propaganda and the idea of their events played a major role in creating the concept.
The idea of printed propaganda flyers is used in the websites layout, presenting every event and topic under one separate "virtual flyer".
Through the years we also performed quarterly with the collective Deadpixelsociety on the Proper Propaganda events in Arnhem and Club 11 in Amsterdam, creating live visual content based on the ideas of the visual identity of the agency Proper Propaganda.

in collaboration with: Ralf Brandenstein | Richard Vijgen


Dead Pixel Society

self initiated | live performance | visual identity

Deadpixelsociety is a VJ collective performing live in clubs,festivals and events all over Europe.
Through the years we developed our own generative software putting us in state to create video shows that are visually unique and different with each event on that we perform.

visit the website: www.deadpixelsociety.org

in collaboration with: Ralf Brandenstein | Richard Vijgen